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The constraints given to me were a combination of three words - Cloak, Reflection and  Bloody Ballroom. 


A dream world (reflection), having the bloody ballroom as the center stage of a disaster and have the cloak belong to someone important to the main character.

Solo Project


The story revolves around the troubled childhood of the Duke of Wellington. Who had to witness the massacre of his own parents in-front of his eyes. He keeps wondering how he could have done things better and how he could have saved people that mattered to him. Luckily, he is granted a chance at redemption through a reflection of that fateful night in a dream. Where he gets to meet his parents for the last time and finally say his farewell. Helping him come out of his shell and become a man capable of carrying his parent's will forward. 

A little Extra

There are a few things I try with every project. Kind of going above and beyond, giving it that extra flair.

  • The book has a total of twenty-nine alternate endings. 

  • There are certain moments called linchpin points, depending on your decisions, your allies/enemies survive or die completely changing the dynamic of the game. 

  • Each decision is a weighty one and makes the player think twice. 

  • Based on the poem The Eve of Waterloo by Lord Byron.

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