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There are a few things I try to focus on while making games, these things or attributes are what give them their unique flair. I call this The Arch, these attributes help support my games and make them what they are - profoundly unique and #able. 

The Arch

I have a relatively simple goal, achieving which is not quite the same. I want to be capable enough to lead a team of the best in the industry as a Creative Director. And make games that leave a mark (a game of the year award would be nice too).

The Goal

A goal is an expectation of the future driven by your own efforts
-Me, 2019.
  • Obsessively Driven

  • Detail Fanatic

  • 6th sense for Critical Analysis

  • Love Dogs

  • Would die for sweets (Give me sweet stuff to increase productivity by 2x)

  • I'll let my work do the rest of the talking

I am

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