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Team Project

We had to make a metroidvania game with proper story, direction, level design, environmental storytelling, progression and audio within three months. In teams decided by the teachers. Consisting of three Game designers and three Artists.

We wanted to focus on a little bit of Indian culture and how it could me mixed into the game. While also addressing a few issues of blind faith in gods "representatives". 


A little Extra

One of the biggest challenges of this project was coding everything from the ground up. As it was my first time hard coding anything, it was pretty taxing. This game has a very well thought out world with metaphors in every environment focusing on real world issues. Environmental storytelling played a huge factor in bring out the game. We had a little more time with this game so we went deeper into ideation and conceptualization.


In this game, you play as a believer as a single mother you would depend on god to help you through your problems. But when your son gets taken by the devil in a bid to sacrifice infant life, you set on a journey. A journey where you get to witness what happens when a mothers child is threatened, even by a god. Your journey leads to world bending conclusions and everything you once believed in has become false. Hence, the name Daeva meaning false god. 

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