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Team Project


We had to make a paper RPG within a week in teams of three decided by the teacher in charge. Consisting of one artist and two game designers.


We decided to make the game themed around our college.  Where the buildings became our map and friends and teachers became allies or enemies depending on how much we liked them. 


An infection has spread around college and the player has to take back different sections of the college by fighting their respective bosses. From the warden in the hostel to the cooks in the cafeteria. Some have been able to keep a shred of their past life and help you out while others will make life hell for you. Fight your way through the college to defeat the final boss, that is the dean of the institution and get back your college life.

A little Extra

In the game, the player can play as characters who are our classmates. These characters each have their own unique set of skills and weaknesses. All the weapons in game are also a combination of regular items you can find in a college environment. 

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