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- We visited one of the biggest gaming events held in the UK.

We all got a band gaining us access to the area, we met up with our cohort and set out to explore the floor.

The exhibition was teeming with people and there were different things to do in every corner. Let’s start with the games, the floor had a lot of games that we could enjoy but these are the games that I enjoyed the most:

1) Neuronet: Mendax Proxy

2) We Are the Caretakers

3) The Game of Me

4) Endlight

5) GB Robber

6) Haven Park

7) Lost Ember

There are a bunch of videos showing what I went around doing throughout the event.

Neuronet was a visual novel -esque game where you could make decisions on a sci fi ship.

GB Robber on the other hand was a typical platformer where you could move around the map and defeat enemies as a robot.

Endlight was an absolute mental game focusing on psychedelic visuals and keeping the famous endless runner genre fresh.

Haven park was a refreshing take by an indie group to make something like animal crossing but for PC users.

Our Uni also had a stand with cool games on showcase.

Going around the show floor, it gave me a nice idea of how to go about my games and what I needed to do to stand out and be unique among the competition.

Not to mention there was free coke and a bunch of things to buy all around the show floor. Different mementos and keepsakes from famous games, movies and anime's I've seen. I for one bought myself a sword replica of Kirito, from sword art online.

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