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Attentat 1942

Attentat 1942 is a moving partly live-action educational game about families history during World War II it's a bit full-on so worth keeping that in mind let's dive in set in the Czech Republic. The story follows your journey through the capital city and various memories to

uncover what happened to your grandad during world war II. I was really taken aback by how sophisticated the plot and game elements were, the core mechanics are live action interviews where you talk to people and have to be quite careful about what you say in order to get it all correct. Once you get everything right you've got all the information you need to proceed there's also an animated section where you recreate the past and try and puzzle your way to safety. For the art style, live action footage does quite nicely as someone who enjoys films, it was quite nice and actually a little bit happiness - inducing? to see something so familiar in style in a game. It starts off a little slow but I think that's mainly because it's quite jarring to start off a game like this I think at least for me my concept of gaming is very much about fun and forgetting and so something like this really challenges you to engage. There were a few times where I missed elements so I had to replay the interviews to get all the correct information and to be honest it started really setting in. What they were saying after a while the game got quite fiendish until I really figured out how to play the game. And this added a lot of depth I really want to praise the game for its inclusion of an encyclopaedia that fills out as you play the game it was actually really nice and easy to navigate you unlock more information as you play the game and do the interviews and everything is referenced or pick up leaflets and learn a bit more about those. What's really

nice is none of the game is really timed unless you're in a specific quick time event so you can take as long as you want to just read. Almost everything within the game has a little bit of backstory and lore behind it though it's not really lore it's history so I felt that that was really important and needed. Again it added weight to what the game was about I think this was a nice touch but it does make the game for me feel more like teaching material. As you

complete the puzzle parts you get coins and these coins are used to replay the interviews to make sure you get everything right the game runs really smooth and is a really fascinating

interaction. I haven't quite played anything like it and not being the biggest history buff it was really different for me so I enjoyed it now for some of the things I'm not so happy about I found there was quite a few load times and I guess that's just what happens when you're using live-action footage. It's almost as if the whole game is a cutscene I was also a little unsure to call this game fun at first because it's a bit more of an experience I do believe that this wouldn't have worked as a film and that they've chosen the right platform to put it on. But calling the game fun would just put it down as it isn't meant to be fun, the game was..... informative and it successfully shed light to a another topic less discussed.

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