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Feel Something?

What games make me feel? It depends on the game to be honest. But what feelings they can dish out are not limited to the harrowed storytelling of a screen. What a game can make me feel encompasses the entire spectrum of feelings in real life. I would say the only feelings that a game cannot delve into are setbacks faced by the medium because of the technology of its age. I believe that games have the potential of becoming the new reality.

Adrian has spoken about a number of games that came out before 2012, honestly speaking, of games I've never even heard of. But these indie games set the path for the modern market of games that I have come to love and enjoy.

Though most of the games were mods to already existing games, they tend to tell a different story with the limited resources of the time. And how do you make the player feel something with limited resources? you tell a banger of a story of have a beautiful background. That will get the player thinking and questioning their every action just like in real life. Indie game have been known to break the social norms of what is believed to be a game.

The graveyard is a unique example of this, you play as an old lady who visits a grave. It's nothing really but the way the game plays out, is exquisite and it frankly got me thinking about life and old age and how I would die? Weird reflection, I know but that's what it led me towards. Not really what a traditional game would do would it? Indies then were seen as an eye sore that a few independent makers sought to make. Game lengths are another thing I would like to rave about, what is a good game? a long one? what is value for your money? Any game long enough, even if it's absolute trash is value for money? why do you whine when a beautiful unique game comes out and asks for a little in comparison to the AAA companies that leech you with mediocre, repetitive and uninspired games.

But today indie games are the norm for me and a lot of others, they're the root cause I want to make games and develop a niche that people will recognise me for, lets just call it my method of art.

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