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Museum Of Other Realities

The Museum of other realities is described as an immersive multiplayer art showcase in VR and they write how it's a space to connect share and experience a growing collection of mind-bending VR art with others. What I really like about this initiative is that it doesn't seek to be a virtual representation of an ordinary museum, it's rather meant to be a place for artists that are interested in challenging conventions through experimentation and really try out art that is specific for this medium. The first thing that sort of str me going into this museum is the nice architecture it's very clean, and I like the grey subtle lines following through the edges. You can also see a map of the whole museum when you go to the centre console and if you can scroll through the artworks or the artists, you can see where they are located in the map. Which is nice because it's quite a big map and of course you can just walk around to explore it but it might just be useful in case you want to see something specific. You can also customize avatars because this is meant to be a social experience like other museums. Personally I didn't really see that many people, those I saw didn't really manage to interact with I'm not sure if they were just not responding or whatever they were bots. In one of the first rooms that you enter, you have the possibility to get some tutorial in terms of how to interact with people. To invite them or in some way or hold a conversation. Another aspect which is quite important to be able to do here is to go into the artworks because in many cases there are these small worlds where you make yourself smaller to be able to enjoy them in real size.

A lot of the artworks are like that and this changing of size can also be done not just by entering the artworks but by drinking. If you grab your hand behind your shoulders you can get different kind of drinks which either make you bigger or smaller, personally I think that the instruction text that was there was wrong because it said that if you ate the green one you would turn normal but I turn bigger so I'm not sure how that worked. In any case, I enjoyed the middle perspective instead. A good example of an art piece that you can walk into which gives you a feeling of entering a piece is really cool, made in tilt brush which can be perceived even with the visual style so here you can teleport inside the art piece and walk around. It's quite nice, it's a cool way to display it from above sort of seeing the whole scene before you enter and the whole world kind of changes around you. But at the same time you'll get a more close-up feeling to the actual artwork. Another artwork by Kevin Mack that's called Blortasia which caught my attention as well as Looking Glass by Michelle Brown. All these pieces where a unique twist on not just what a VR can do but on the boundaries and limitations of art as an expression itself. I think this is a truly great initiative and it's a great platform where VR artists can show off their work, helping them grow and the experimental and alternative uses of the VR medium.

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