This week we visited the comic con and did a bunch of shopping as well as met a bunch of cosplay artists.

The idea of death and the concept of coping has always been a grey area, I wanted to focus on this and develop on it. So, the game focuses on the journey of a man bidding his final farewell to his family. The game focuses on the concept of moving on and continuing to live. No matter what the heart desires, the dead are gone and the living are left to pick up the pieces. In the game, you play through the fathers’ memories of his family and relieve moments of his life. The game is a narratively driven experience where you as the player are exposed to different parts of the fathers’ memories. Albeit we focus mostly on happy memories, the only differentiating factors are the cinematography and environmental changes. The world switches from the present to the past and it’s filled with mysterious objects left for the players to explore and memories to discover. As it has basic walking simulator mechanics, the original flair of the game depends upon the wow factor of the mystical factors of the game and its base narrative.