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Post Colonialism

Post colonialism is the study of what happens to a nation in the aftermath of the colonisers leaving the country. How their culture, livelihood and behaviours are affected by the invasion of another country. Since I am from a country that has faced this, I will get into a little bit of talking about how invasion had affected India and how we are still living through it. Britain destroyed India through looting expropriation and outright theft all conducted in a spirit of deep racism and amoral cynicism. The British Empire's expansion to the East was more about Britain than about India the great symbols of the Empire in India such as the country's rail system were built for the benefit of the British rather than for the Indian citizens. Colonialism in India was more akin to theft often leading to death and destruction.

There's no real awareness of the atrocities the fact that Britain financed its industrial revolution it's prosperity from the depredations of empire's in India. The fact that Britain came to one of the richest countries in the world in the early 18th century and reduced it

after 200 years of plunder to one of the poorest.

Under A Porcelain Sun

Under A Porcelain Sun is a narrative driven, first person adventure game made by Studio Oleomingus.

Set in a surreal environment of Colonial India it follows the footsteps of two thieves, Aziz and Azaam, as they get entangled in the search for a mythical city called Kayamgadh, and in the sudden death of Rumal Chand Kedru.

We play through nineteenth century Malwa, the game makes us encounter with salt bandits and weird astronomers made out of ; Armies of langoors who all know a secret and Magistrates living in castles of glue; Wax people who melt at noon everyday, only to emerge as different people and Gemstone merchants who live in wells. Mendicants and Jagirdars made of smoke and all manner of strange citizenry that wander the desolate Bhula region. All the while attempting to flee soldiers from the Gwalior cantonment who are searching for you, for having peddled forgeries to their Company commander.

The game lets us jump through characters and time and stories making for a variety of different opportunities to understand the happenings. All I can say is the game was unique and nothing like I had ever experienced before.

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