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We were given a set of random phrases/words -Dr Pumpkin,Witch studying a teacher in restaurant, While eating Alien, Horror/ Zombie, All in a school setting, End with it was the dog all along.We also had to make the game on a software called Tyrano Builder.

Given the super weird set of constraints, we had a hard time figuring a storyline out. We decided to take the anime route, heavily pulling from the shounen genre. As the script writer, making sense of all this and making it compelling at the same time was a pretty hard test. 

Team Project



A little Extra

The game has a very vivid backstory staged out. I tried to develop certain characters by giving them a touching backstory. Given the constraint of using Spriter to make the visual novel, there were a multitude of factors tying us down. The game had three alternate endings which would leave to very devastating or painful circumstances. Depending on the players choices, the world would be decided.


In a world where good and evil are viewed with the same suspicion, our two protagonists both wronged in their own stories figure our something sinister. A plan, something that can shake the very foundations of their mythical world was underway. And it was up to them to close ranks and bring down the hierarchy that was planning this coup. You play as a young student who has a mysterious power hidden withing him and a doctor who was framed for spreading  the very disease he worked to find a cure for.  

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