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Solo Project


The Untold is the story of how Isildur Hopebringer a warrior renowned for his bravery died fighting for his people. Even though they would hate him forever, Isildur's sacrifice would let them live and that's all he fought for.

We had to make an RPG using the Warcraft (an established franchise)Level Builder while keeping the story of the game true to the main storyline. All of this within two months. 


I wanted to make an emotional journey focusing on the death of an infamous warrior. And build a believable map surrounding the player.


A little Extra

Building a world where the player can get invested in while focusing on the story was an additional effort. Adding shops to side quests to challenges, everything allowed for the player to get more content as well as learn more about the lore. Over a period of two months pulling off so much was...... fun. 

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